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Used Volvo EC950 Excavator: A Reliable Workhorse



Reliability and innovation make the Volvo EC950 excavator stand out among heavy construction machines. Cutting-edge features are what really set this behemoth apart, not just the specifications of the excavator EC950 or the size of the EC950 hydraulic excavator. Its reliability, comfort and safety are questions that enthusiasts and professionals usually ask when considering a purchase. In this article, Xjexcavator discusses three new features of the EC950 that address important issues and show why it is a better tool for excavation and construction.

1.Robust Performance and Power

The Volvo EC950 is a heavyweight champion in the excavator category. With an operating weight of 82,834 pounds, it's built to tackle demanding tasks with ease. Here's why it stands out:

- Horsepower: The EC950 boasts a powerful engine with 241.4 horsepower. Whether you're digging, lifting, or loading, this excavator delivers consistent performance.

- Boom Reach: The 10.42-foot boom allows for extended reach, making it ideal for deep excavations and material handling.

- Fuel Capacity: With a 92-gallon fuel tank, the EC950 keeps working without frequent refueling stops.

2.Comfort and Safety

Volvo prioritizes operator comfort and safety. Here's how the EC950 excels:

- Enclosed ROPS: The enclosed cab provides a secure and climate-controlled environment. Operators can work comfortably in all weather conditions³.

- LED Exterior Lights: Excellent visibility is crucial on the job site. The EC950 features LED lights, ensuring clear visibility during night operations.

- Adjustable Seating: The ergonomic cab includes adjustable seating, reducing operator fatigue during long shifts².

3. Verified Listings and Reliability

When buying a used Volvo EC950, consider verified listings from reputable sources:

- Arnold Machinery Company: They offer a 2020 Volvo EC950FL with 7,519 hours in Salt Lake City, Utah, priced at $815,000 USD.

- Ritchie List: Explore their selection of hydraulic excavators, including Volvo models. Verified listings give you confidence in your purchase.

The used Volvo EC950 excavator combines power, reliability, and operator comfort. Whether you're expanding a construction site or handling large-scale earthmoving projects, the EC950 is a dependable workhorse that won't let you down.

Identifying frequent concerns when buying a used Volvo EC950 excavator can be difficult. Buyers should watch for wear and tear in the engine, undercarriage, and hydraulic system. Excessive pin and bushing play, track wear, and oil leakage may indicate significant future costs. So before you buy, check its specifications to make sure it's the right one for your project.

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